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Our Services

We have great knowledge and experience
to cover all types of maritime and industry services.

CIBS is a global service organization dedicated to providing efficient and competitively priced marine classification, survey, inspection, training and consultancy services, wherever you are.

Loss Control
Vessel Registration
Vessel Certification
Inspection of Cargo/Goods


International Conventions

Bunker Certificates


Plans Approval

Stability Booklet Approval (STB)

Cargo Securing Manual Approval (CSM)

Commercial Rights

Company Formations

Loss Control


Cargo Loss Control - The transportation and storage of oil is a worldwide business - with many personnel, ships, terminals and locations involved in any single shipment of cargo. CIBS protects their client’s business benefits and reputation at every stage of cargo operations, by being present for loading or discharging operations by fully qualified loss control professionals, and by watching shore and ship gauging prior to and after operations.

We will ascertain the quantities and quality of the cargo loading and discharging. We will inspect the tanks, and report all the necessary documents of operations

Cargo loss prevention services inspection of cargo, transport routes, packaging, supply chain logistics and cargo security.

  • Inspection of cargo storage

  • Inspection of cargo packaging

  • Survey the quantities and qualities

  • Inspection of cargo loading

  • Inspection of cargo discharging

  • Inspection of cargo stowage

Container Survey

  • Container Dosage Survey

  • Reefer Container Survey

  • Frozen / Chilled Cargo Damage Survey

  • Frozen / Chilled Stuffing / Un stuffing Survey

  • Pre-Shipment Survey

  • Container Suitability Survey

  • Open Top

  • Flat Rack

  • Ventilated

  • Reefer

  • Dry Van Container Survey 

  • Cargo Damage Survey

  • Lashing / Securing / Stuffing / Un stuffing Survey

  • Post Shipment Survey

  • Container Condition Survey

Not limited to the list below : 

Multi-modal Transport Survey

  • Loading / Unloading Survey on Road / Rail / Air / Sea mode of Transport

  • Monitoring / Witness Survey of Cargo During Multi-modal Transportation of All Type of Commodity

  • Lashing / Securing Survey on Multi-modal Transport Systems

Not limited to the list below : 

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