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We have great knowledge and experience
to cover all types of maritime and industry services.

CIBS is a global service organization dedicated to providing efficient and competitively priced marine classification, survey, inspection, training and consultancy services, wherever you are.


2nd Party Audits

An Audit is used to evaluate how well audit criteria are being met. Audits must be objective, impartial, and independent, and the audit process must be both systematic and documented.

The first party audits is used by the organization to audit themselves. First party audits are used to confirm or improve the effectiveness  of management systems.

Second party audits are external audits. They’re usually done by customers or by others such as CIBS on their behalf.

Third party audits are external audits as well. However, they’re performed by independent organizations such as registrars (certification bodies) or regulators.

At CIBS we can perform internal ISO 9001 audits and audit of Marine Schools on behalf of Transport Canada.

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