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We have great knowledge and experience
to cover all types of maritime and industry services.

CIBS is a global service organization dedicated to providing efficient and competitively priced marine classification, survey, inspection, training and consultancy services, wherever you are.



ISO 9001 standard was the first of all the Management System Standards to be written in the late 70’s. Several revisions took place. ISO 9001:2008 is far easier to comply with, relying much less on paperwork and documentation.

A new version of ISO 9001 was released in September 2015. It is supposed to have even less dependence on documented processes, the importance now resting on assessment of the risks and dangers to the business of poorly managed or inconsistent processes.

To become approved and certified ISO 9001, this is dependent on what you do and how you do it! Nevertheless, it’s often possible  produce an adapted Quality Management System, written around your organization's activities, audit the implementation to ensure compliance, and have it certified by an accredited body.

At CIBS we will work with you through certification and accreditation process. We are pleased to offer you our expertise in consultation.

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