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We have great knowledge and experience
to cover all types of maritime and industry services.

CIBS is a global service organization dedicated to providing efficient and competitively priced marine classification, survey, inspection, training and consultancy services, wherever you are.



Chemical Distribution Institute CDI is a chemical industry organization, incorporated under the law of the Netherlands as the Stitching.

Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) and operates as a non-profit making foundation.

One of the Main objectives is to constantly improve the safety, security and quality performance of marine transportation and storage for the chemical industry and to provide a single set of reliable and consistent inspection data which chemical companies may use with confidence.

CDI-Terminal The CDI-T scheme was developed in 1997 and similar to the Marine scheme, its purpose is to improve the safety and quality performance of bulk liquid storage terminals. The major chemical storage terminal companies are participants in the Terminal’s scheme.

Over 20 CDI-T Accredited inspectors, carry out the detailed management and technical inspections of liquid storage terminals in all continents of the world.

CIBS is an approved CDI Terminal Inspector. Let us be your inspector.

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